About us

About us

Together with our clients, we work on the world of tomorrow. We investigate, and advise, but also take care of implementation and project management. We are active in the fields of (regional) economics, spatial planning and development, infrastructure, real estate, location choices, freight transport, and logistics chains.

If our areas of consulting are compatible with your professional focus and if you have the ambition to be innovative at the interface of economy, spatial planning and development, infrastructure, and logistics, then Buck Consultants International is the right place for you. A place where you can grow, learn and experience. Together with 70 colleagues, you make a difference, moreover internationally. You can find us in some of Europe's most important cities. In the USA we have offices in Atlanta, Sillicon Valley and Los Angeles. In Asia we have locations in Singapore and Shanghai.

Our areas of work

  • Economic Development, Work Locations, and Area Development
  • Goods Transport
  • Supply Chain Strategy & Logistics Advice
  • Strategy, Location and Real Estate Advice for Companies
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Marketing & Acquisition Strategy

Mission Statement

We want to provide added value to our clients. Creativity plays an important role in this, always driven by knowledge and insight into developments. This leads to a result-oriented sustainable alliance. Together, with 70 enthusiastic professionals, we work independently as a team on the world of tomorrow.