Looking for an Internship? BCI Global is interested in meeting you!

Whether it be an internship or more specifically a research-based internship, we're looking for you!  We have room to kickstart your career by giving you an insight into the world of our consultancy agency. We think it’s important to link you to a specific project team and get started right away. We like to collaborate with our interns to determine which work experience opportunities we can offer you. We believe sharing knowledge and gaining learning experience together is a fantastic way to begin your career.

Does your field of study coincide with
our areas of work? Check below!

  • Economic Development, Work Locations, and Area Development
  • Goods Transport
  • Supply Chain Strategy & Logistics Advice
  • Strategy, Location, and Real Estate Advice for Companies
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Marketing & Acquisition Strategy

At BCI Global, we believe an internship requires a commitment of working together on your career for a period of at least three months.

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